Smith Rock Bridge Gets A Little Love

The Smith Rock bridge sees a LOT of traffic, not just in the summer high season, but all year-round. The park staff diligently monitors the bridge health for this reason.

Smith Rock Bridge repair area repairs for the Smith Rock bridgeA routine inspection revealed the start of some cracking on one of the sections.

While not a danger to park visitors, they chose to replace 3 sections of guard rail on the right section as you cross the river from the base of the picnic table area.

Park Ranger Josie Barnum coordinated the team, assuring that the team and visitors alike were safe during the replacement process.

Get Your Smith Rock State Park Patch Now

The Smith Rock State Park patch is one of the first batch of 53 patches and stickers inspired by the Oregon state parks.

A nod to the national parks patches, the designs are indeed collectible.

What started as a Kickstarter project by Portland designers Woody Adams and Kevin Fitzgerald just a couple months ago is already a reality.

Raising three times the initial funding goal thanks to a massive show of support, they partnered with the Oregon State Parks Foundation to be able to offer the patches to the public and help fund our state parks.

The Smith Rock Fire: Then and 20 Years Later

On August 10, 1996, the raging Smith Rock fire wiped out most vegetation for one-third of its 600 acres.
Smith Rock fire the day after
It was a hot summer afternoon, 100° and breezy, not unlike the conditions we’ve had lately.

metal fee box at Smith Rock State Park What seems unfathomable is that these are the conditions in which one park employee chose to make welding repairs to a metal fee box in the campground area.

Sparks lit up the grassy area below and quickly spread to the neighboring field.

We shot scenes of the immense devastation on the day after.

It has never been shown before, resurrected from the archives, long before high definition video.

Got Woof Waste?

Not sure what to do with it once you bag it up? After seeing multiple black plastic baggies tucked in nicely behind rocks on the trails, we thought a primer might be in order.

woof waste on trail at Smith Rock State ParkKudos for taking the time to get it bagged up and not left for the next one on the trail to step in when looking at the sights. Contrary to popular belief, the baggies do not decompose and no one on the park staff is assigned to pick them up.

If you plan to come and pick them on your return out of the park that’s excellent news.