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Mike Volk [Member]
Thank you for your comment.

In some respects the old forum was easier to post messages to but users could not post photos and video which can be done on this blog.

THE REASON for the change though was security. This blog is much more secure. As an example - the old forum had over 50,000 "users". Only 150 of those were legitimate. The old forum did not have a global delete function which meant each individual spam URL had to be deleted manually. With over 100 spam URL's registered each day it was impossible to delete them because of the amount of time it consumed.

I hope that the former users of the forum will be able to make the adjustment to this blog and use it's more robust features.
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In response to: How To Post Content

Corey [Visitor]
This blog is a failure in my opinion. Way more activity on the old forum system. Too bad its lost...
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