Boulder Trundled to Clear Misery Ridge Trail

Posted by Mike Volk on 02/21/14

An 11'x11'x7' boulder that slid onto the Misery Ridge trail on Sunday, February 17th was trundled this morning to clear the popular trail. A local contractor used pneumatic jacks to tip the boulder past vertical and send it crashing into the Crooked River. As the boulder tumbled down the hillside, parts of three switchback's were wiped out. Repair work on the trail by park personnel and volunteers began within minutes of the boulder being dislodged and by early evening Misery Ridge had been reopened.

Special thanks to John Rich for operating the video camera at the overlook.

Severe freeze/thaw cycles during the winter caused this boulder to slide onto the Misery Ridge trail below Bill's Flake. The red box outlines the gap created when the large block came to rest on the trail.

The boulder partially blocking the trail the day before it was trundled (above) and a close-up view of the debris pile on the trail supporting the boulder (below).