Missing hangers on Crumble Pie...I'd like to replace them, but need a little info...

Posted by sean rule on 04/03/11

Hello, all.  I hope you were able to get out into the goodness today (4.3.11).

So, our crew was having a blast down at Southern Tip.  When we arrived, we decided to warm up on Crumble Pie.  Watts' new guidebook lists it as 5.9 R with widely spaced bolts.  What it fails to mention is that three of the 5 bolts are, indeed, widely spaced, but also missing hangers.  The crux bolt, from what I could tell, was missing, and a fall from there (bolt 3) would put you in the dirt, about 25 to 30 feet below.  As such, this climb, in my opinion, now has at least an R/X seriousness grade.   One of the two anchor bolts is also missing its hanger (fortunately, knowing it was rated R, I bought up some TCUs and slings, which allowed me to create a 3 - point anchor up top).

I have a few Metolius Enviro hangers that I'd like to donate to this route.  Sure, it's a choss fest, but hey...who knows what some (potential) traffic could do to it?  As it is, the easiest climb at Southern Tip (not counting the Waterfall Crag) is Kunza Corner, and who besides me drags a full rack down there?  (by the way, if you're the one who left the fixed stopped 10' below the anchor on KC, thanks!  It came in handy). If we get the hangers back on this puppy, there'd actually be a sub-5.10 warmup climb down there. I would not add any other bolts to negate the R - rating, but I would add chains to the anchors to make for easier raps.

I would also not be opposed to putting a hanger back on bolt 1 on Yoderific, either.

As I mentioned, I have some enviro hangers and chain that I'm willing to donate to the cause. What I need is a list of common sizes/thread counts of the bolts used at Smith so I can go to the hardware store and get a bunch of nuts. So...who can tell me?

You can either post here, or shoot me an email at seanrule at gmail dot com. Thanks for helping me take care of these climbs

Also, what is with the source code for this blog?  It keeps giving me superflous error messages that I fix in HTML code but keep mysteriously reappearing.  Any ideas there?

Happy gravity fightin', all.