A few notes from this weekend...

Posted by sean rule on 07/17/11

Hey all!

1) Gimme Shelter (on Rolling Stone Wall) has a huge (about 1 cubic foot) block loose near the top, above the last bolt. It could be cleaned, but the thought of pulling that thing off 200 or so feet above Morning Glory Wall makes me nauseous.

2) Gimme Shelter's second bolt is strange (and, most likely, dangerous): the nut holding on the hanger only has about a thread and a half in contact with the bolt. Seems dangerous (although not as dangerous as the freaking too - high second bolt on Exile on Main Street. Criminy...that was the hardest 11a I've ever dogged up).

3) I placed a hanger, washer and nut on the first bolt of Yoderific, but, even though I dragged down a double rack of cams and a triple rack of stoppers to place 17 pieces on Kunza Corner, I forgot to bring a wrench to tighten said nut, so it's only finger tight. I'll bring a wrench next time, but if anyone's in the area...

4) Sabotage is hard.

Be well, all!