Chopper Flake

Posted by Mike Volk on 04/24/13

Route condition report e-mailed to
[We] climbed at the Mole yesterday. Ended up climbing Chopper on TR with a buddy and near the top of the flake, the flake shifted. It is still in place but really seems like it is ready to come off.

Bald Eagle Nesting Closure for 2013

Posted by Mike Volk on 04/04/13

From the Smith Rock State Park office:
The Bald Eagles are in their nest in a large Ponderosa pine tree located between the bivouac camping area and the Crooked River.

Approximately ten camp sites along the canyon rim in the Bivouac camping area are closed. Also a section of the Canyon Trail is closed. Closure signs have been posted in the Bivouac camping area, at the Canyon Trail trail heads, and along the Canyon Trail at the point of the closure. The closures will be in place through July 31, 2013 or until further notice.

This closure does not effect any climbing routes or access.

Kiss of the Leper Area Closure for 2013

Posted by Mike Volk on 04/02/13

From the Smith Rock State Park office:
The "Kiss of the Leper" area is closed to climbing until June 30th to protect nesting Prairie Falcons.

Closure area map.

Golden Eagle Closure Area for 2013

Posted by Mike Volk on 03/05/13

From the Smith Rock State Park office:
The Golden Eagles have chosen a nest site on "Puddy's Tower" just to the west of the Monument. We just finished posting climbing closure signs at the base of the area and a couple along the backside off the new Summit Trail.

The closure area is the same as it was last year. Closure area map.

Vomit Launch Bolt Replacement

Posted by alexclimbs on 03/05/13


I think Vomit Launch could use a full bolt replacement. Almost alll the 3/8" wedge bolts have through the years apparently backed out, started to have loose SMC hangers and then someone would tighten them causing the stud to back further out of the holes and since the studs are not all-thread they can no longer be tightened (not that you'd want to tighten anymore anyways). Pulling wedge bolts is always a pain but if someone has the gear, I am more than willing to help out since I've got free time. Just send me a message!

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