OSPR "First Day Hikes" at Smith Rock

Posted by Mike Volk on 12/21/12

Oregon State Parks Start the year on a healthy note with a "First Day Hike" at Smith Rock State Park.

The Welcome Center will be open 10 AM to 2 PM to provide information about the park, and what it has to offer. 20 minute Rim Rock Trail walking tours will be offered at 11 AM and 1 PM.

New Year's Day 2013 Hike.pdf

Oregon Archaeology Celebration 2012

Posted by Mike Volk on 09/17/12

American Alpine Club Craggin' Classic

Posted by Mike Volk on 09/11/12

AAC Craggin' Classic
The American Alpine Club's Craggin' Classic comes to Smith Rock on September 14th - 16th.

For more information about the event go to the AAC Craggin' Classic Website.

Smith Rock TV will be covering the daily events and party on Saturday evening at the Terrebonne Depot. The event video will be available after 8 PM on Tuesday, September 18th on our Recorded Live page.

Smith Rock Highline Festival Starts Today

Posted by Mike Volk on 08/31/12

Existing and new lines have been set up including a 300'+ highline. Highliners from all over the U.S. and Germany have gathered at the Smith Rock bivy for the four day event.

Footage of today's action will be broadcast tonight on Smith Rock TV at 8 PM PDT.

Smith Rock Highline Festival August 31st - September 3rd

Posted by Mike Volk on 08/27/12

The first annual Smith Rock Highline Festival begins this Friday. Various types of lines, high-low-long-short and everything in between, are already being rigged for the four day event.

Smith Rock TV will be covering the action with daily shows airing each evening. Air times will be announced later this week.

Check out the official Facebook page.

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