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Eagle Nesting Site Closures Update

Preemptive eagle nesting site closures for climbing and camping at Smith Rock State Park are in place as of February 7, 2015.

Once the eagles have chosen their nest areas, we will post detailed maps as to which routes remain closed. See below for routes currently closed.

Normally the closure is February 1-August 1 for golden eagles in the Monument Area. The West Side Crags birds of prey nesting areas usually reopen by the end of June.

This is the latest update to include:

  • detailed route closures for the Monument Area
  • extension to March of any closures in the West Side Crags

Aerial America Soars Above Monkey Face

While it’s tough to tell on the Smithsonian Channel’s site just exactly when this segment on Climbing Monkey Face was produced, it’s probably new to most of us.

climbers on the Pioneer Route of Monkey Face at Smith Rock State ParkPart of a series of Aerial America, this 2+ minute historical segment on Monkey Face contributes further to Smith Rock State Park’s prominence as an international destination for sport climbing.

Locals will wonder why the oh-CHO-cos got mispronounced as well as top billing over the Cascades when positioning the park.

And climbers will undoubtedly notice aid climbing happening vs sport climbing from the narrator at one point, but kick back and enjoy it anyway!

Large Loose Rock Removed From First Kiss

Thanks to the fast work of Ian Caldwell, fondly known as the “Mayor of Smith Rock” and others from park management, as of 1:30 PM on 9/15/15, the First Kiss climbing route re-opened after its brief few days closure.

According to the park the large rock and many smaller rocks in question have been removed. Sorry we didn’t get the chance to film the trundle this time!

Here’s more detail from Ian:

Monkey Swing into Marriage

While not the officiant at Eric and Gwen’s wedding on July 29, the Monkey provided the platform for an epic sunset marriage ceremony.

A fitting location, as the owners of Redpoint Climbers Supply, met at Smith and¬†make their living with gear for the local climbing community. Dressed in traditional wedding attire, the bride and groom somehow kept Gwen’s gown from shredding on the way up.

Afterwards they jumped into their new role as husband and wife by taking the 100 foot Monkey Swing. Photo and video courtesy of Redpoint Climbers Supply.