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Prairie Falcons Nesting Again—Heads Up on Route Closures

Joining the bald and golden eagles, the prairie falcons are back to roost for the season. While this DOES NOT affect hiking trails, it does close down a few routes for climbers.

First Kiss Climbing Area Falcon Closure sign

Nesting area closures in the Picnic Lunch Wall and First Kiss areas that are in effect until June 30, 2017.

Smith Rock State Park is very lucky to have these birds choose the park as their safe breeding turf. It’s rare that they travel away from wetlands.

Picnic Lunch Wall routes above 100 feet and some in the First Kiss area are closed. Here is a quick reference map for the areas affected.

Balds and Goldens are Back

It’s nesting time again at Smith Rock State Park for both pairs of golden and bald eagles. While hiking trails remain open, some campsites and climbing route closures will go into effect from February 17 to August 1 to give them a little privacy.

Canyon Trail and Campground (Bivy) areas:

  • The bald eagle nest is located near posted signs along the Canyon Trail. Park managers are asking for those using the trail to please:




Balds and Goldens are Outta Here

Thanks climbers for minding the seasonal nesting route closures and hikers for keeping noise to a minimum on the Canyon Trail.

golden eagle leaving Smith Rock State ParkSmith Rock raptors had an excellent year with the confirmed fledging of Bald and Golden eaglets.

The Peregrine Falcons got a late start but the chicks should be fledged by late July. We don’t have confirmation on the 1st Kiss Prairie Falcons fledging status.

Here’s the synopsis as of July 5, 2016:

  • The Golden Eagle closure has been lifted.
  • The Bivouac Bald Eagle closure has been lifted.

Eagle Nesting Site Closures Update

Preemptive eagle nesting site closures for climbing and camping at Smith Rock State Park are in place as of February 7, 2015.

Once the eagles have chosen their nest areas, we will post detailed maps as to which routes remain closed. See below for routes currently closed.

Normally the closure is February 1-August 1 for golden eagles in the Monument Area. The West Side Crags birds of prey nesting areas usually reopen by the end of June.

This is the latest update to include:

  • detailed route closures for the Monument Area
  • extension to March of any closures in the West Side Crags