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Meet the Mayor of Smith Rock

Ian Caldwell smiles sheepishly and shrugs when referred to as “The Mayor of Smith Rock.”

While he thinks “it’s cool” that such a lofty title has been bestowed on him, he quickly acknowledges the village that helps him help Smith. He goes on to say that every outdoor area needs a steward to step up and help lead conservation efforts to preserve them for the future of all.

IanCaldwellMayorofSmithRocktrailmaintenanceWe could take up pages to describe all the ways that Ian serves Smith Rock State Park.

From climbing route and trail restoration to rescue efforts, it seems that Ian clones are everywhere. 

Four OSU Undergrads Want Your Smith Rock Stories

November 27 Update:
Thanks all that participated in posting your comments. The comment period is now closed, so we turning that feature off to deter spammers.

Have a favorite part or special Smith experience you want to share?

Jonathon, Vanessa, Cass and Bonnie want your Smith Rock stories for their Oregon State University research project on their favorite park.  Post your comments below before November 23.

Part of a bigger study, your stories are needed for their Recreational Management project “Field Scoping and Site Analysis.”

The outcome will be in two parts, a paper and a presentation that includes parts of the stories collected from those that participate.

How Well Do You Know the Smith Rock Visitor?

Smith Rock Visitor Taking Live Survey at Smith Rock State ParkBetween April 28 and June 19 of 2016, a survey was collected on the Smith Rock visitor from close to 700 people here at the park.

The objective was to get more data on both day and overnight use visitors to help improve the park. Then it was weighted by 3-year average park visitation stats to get a more complete picture.

We distilled down the 11-page report to 10 stats we thought might interest you. Take the quiz to see what your gut tells you vs the data.

Special Addition Kicks Off 14th Annual Oregon Archaeology Celebration

Now in its 14th year here at Smith Rock State Park, the annual Oregon Archaeology Celebration (OAC) Friday evening lecture series adds a special Saturday event starting this weekend, October 1.

Oct. 1 [Saturday], noon-3 p.m.: Welcome Center 
Patrick O’Grady, Ph.D., and staff archaeologist for the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History will display and discuss “The Traveling Museum of Oregon Prehistory.”

With over thirty 1’x2′ display boards of photos, text and drawings explaining the technologies represented on each board, the museum also includes loose artifacts like those shown below.Oregon Archaeology Celebration Traveling Museum relics at Smith Rock State Park