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A Bit of Seasonal Flooding

Each year at this time the River Trail joins the river. That is, a part of it goes under water depending on the amount of snow melt and rainwater that hits the Crooked River. 

The park has posted signs where you might encounter some flooding near the southern junction of the Mesa Verde and River Trails. It fluctuates a lot at this time of year, so if you’re bored or want to go boating, you can watch the readings from the bridge gauge. Here you go.

Otherwise, click on the image below for a pdf of the affected area and be prepared for some soggy sneakers!

Save on Annual Pass This Month

annual parking pass for Smith Rock State ParkOregon State Park Annual Passes are on sale this month for $25! They’re usually $30.

The rangers are seeing a lot of cars with expired passes right now.  

They are trying to give reminders (instead of citations) through the end of the sale to encourage people to renew.

Smith Rock State Park Ranger Josie Barnum says she wrote 6 warnings for this alone on Saturday.

The Welcome Center is just open on weekends during the winter but you can also get them at the Terrebonne Thriftway, and other local retailers, or at the State Park system online store.

Temp Rules on Going High at Smith Rock

That’s GOING high, as in highlining.

The park staff has been meeting with federal and state wildlife biologists, local highlining community representatives, and public land use managers.

They’ve even reached out to the staff at Yosemite National Park to come up with the following temporary set of rules as of February 27, 2016 that impact highlining and slacklining.

Here you go:

1. Temporary moratorium on new lines as of 2-27-16 (as impact studies continue)

2. Tensioned lines must be attended. (safety issue primarily)

Want to Be in the Park When It’s Dark?

Think again. While the park has been pretty loose on the day use rules in the past, those days are over. Even if you’re camping in the Bivy.

Smith Rock State Park management has asked us to spread the word. After dusk use of any day use area or facility at Smith Rock is prohibited.

Regulations as well as signage around the park state it’s open from dawn to dusk (30 minutes prior to sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset).

Some leniency has been given in the past for after dusk use if you had a camping pass and were parked in the bivouac camping area but this will no longer be the case.