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Smith Rock Makes An Impression, Actually 1300 of Them

Artist and rock climber Meg Kahnle has a dream of making a difference in the world, starting with Smith Rock State Park in Oregon.

Meg sought to create a community-based piece to auction online and then donate the funds from the sale toward maintenance of the park she so dearly loves. interviewed her on the day she revealed her massive 4ft by 8ft triptych painting to an eager audience @Patagonia Bend.

120+ people submitted images through social media using the hashtag #ConnectWithSmithRock that formed a collage of 1300+ images ranging from the 1970’s to 2015.  These images then served as the base-layer of the painting.

Monkey Swing into Marriage

While not the officiant at Eric and Gwen’s wedding on July 29, the Monkey provided the platform for an epic sunset marriage ceremony.

A fitting location, as the owners of Redpoint Climbers Supply, met at Smith and make their living with gear for the local climbing community. Dressed in traditional wedding attire, the bride and groom somehow kept Gwen’s gown from shredding on the way up.

Afterwards they jumped into their new role as husband and wife by taking the 100 foot Monkey Swing. Photo and video courtesy of Redpoint Climbers Supply.

The Man Behind the Smith Rock Climbing Guidebook–Alan Watts

Getting ready to blast the old site into oblivion, we came across a few gems, like this article done for the inaugural launch of

We felt it most appropriate to re-post it now, as Alan is being interviewed once again for a documentary here at the park–an upcoming feature. Enjoy.

March 2000 – For our inaugural launch we have a special interview with Alan Watts, the one climber most familiar with — and responsible for — Smith Rock’s climb to prominence as an international sport climbing destination.