Northern Point Area

With a mix of square-cut edges, insecure slopers and perfect stone, the basalt rimrock cliff of the Northern Point Area offers a break from the tuff found elsewhere at Smith Rock.

Basically there are 3 areas, with different approaches. We’ve listed some of the best of each area.
1-a long traverse at the base
2-boulders along the base of the cliff
3-along the river

(All picks are rated 3 star in Alan Watts’ Guidebook, with * noting a 4 star)

Along the base:
*The Heathen Traverse V8

Northern Point Boulders enter the canyon from the turnaround parking lot via the Homestead Trail and boulder hop off trail upstream 30 feet to the boulder field at the first switchback
Northstar V5
Point Blank V5

The Sappy Boulders– look for 3 basalt boulders in the pines at the base of the hillside at the northern bend of the river
Sappy Boulder-hides behind a massive, sap-dripping pine tree
Rose Wall V3
Feeling Sappy V5
The Coffin Problem V5
Jizz Sap V8


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