Morning Glory Wall Area

Love variety? From easy to extreme, kick back on some 5.8s on The Peanut and the Fourth Horseman or go crank on a cluster of 5.12s and 13s on Churning Buttress.

climbers on Morning Glory Wall at Smith Rock State ParkThey are just three of the six areas that comprise the Morning Glory Wall.

It butts up to Cocaine Gully on its left side. Head left at the bridge and then peel off of the River Trail as you  just pass Shiprock.

Look up for the composting toilet and follow the stairs to the base of the wall.

Not hard to spot, this excellent 350 foot wall of rock is a magnet for climbers near and far.

climbers on Five Gallon Buckets on Morning Glory Wall at Smith Rock State ParkComing in the late spring or summer?

You might want to wait for the rock to cool off in the early evening.

The sunlit wall can easily soak up an additional 10 degrees over air temperature.

Ready to rock? We thought so.


Here are some suggestions:
(All are rated 3 star in Alan Watts’ Guidebook, with * noting a 4 star)

Rolling Stones Wall:
Exile on Main Street 5.11a  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch

Cocaine Gully-Upper Left Wall:

5.11b sport, 11 bolts, 1 pitch

Quest to Fire
5.12a  sport, 7 bolts, 1 pitch
Crack Babies 5.12b  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch

5.13d  sport, 9 bolts, 1 pitch

Churning Buttress:

Cool Ranch Flavor finish 5.12a  sport, 10 bolts, 1 pitch
*Da Kine Corner 5.12c  sport, 4 bolts, 1 pitch
Doritos 5.12c  sport, 10 bolts, 1 pitch
*Kings of Rap 5.12d  sport, 11 bolts, 1 pitch 

*Churning in the Wake 
5.13a  sport, 7 bolts, 1 pitch
*Churning Sky
5.13a  sport, 13 bolts, 1 pitch
Taco Chips 5.13a  sport, 10 bolts, 1 pitch
Churning in the Ozone 5.13b  sport, 15 bolts, 1 pitch 
Oxygen 5.13b  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch
Signs of the Times 5.13b  sport, 11 bolts, 1 pitch
*Waste Case 5.13b  sport, 10 bolts, 1 pitch
Mr. Tapeworm 5.13c  sport, 14 bolts, 1 pitch
White Heat 5.13c  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch
*Vicious Fish 5.13c  sport, 10 bolts, 1 pitch

Overboard Area:
Nine Gallon Buckets start 5.10a  sport, 4 bolts, 1 pitch
Nine Gallon Buckets 5.10c  sport, 12 bolts, 1 pitch
Lion’s Chair start 5.10c  mixed to 1 inch, 1 pitch

Lion’s Chair 5.11a R  mixed to 3 1/2 inches, 1 pitch
Magic Light 5.11a  sport, 9 bolts, 1 pitch
Overboard 5.11c  sport, 8 bolts, 1 pitch
Overboard extension 5.11d  sport, 12 bolts, 1 pitch

Magic Light 
Extension 5.12a  sport, 14 bolts, 1 pitch
Energy Crisis
5.12b  sport, 7 bolts, 1 pitch
Sketch Pad 5.12d  sport, 15 bolts, 1 pitch

Mane Line
5.13a  sport, 15 bolts, 1 pitch

Zebra Area:
Five Gallon Buckets  
 sport, 7 bolts, 1 pitch
Lion’s Jaw  trad, gear to 2.5 inches, 1 pitch

The Outsiders  sport, 8 bolts, 1 pitch

Light on the Path 5.10a  sport, 8 bolts, 1 pitch
Zebra 5.10a  mixed to 3 inches, 5 bolts, 3 pitches
*Zion (alt. 3rd pitch of Zebra) 5.10a   trad, 4 pitches
5.10b  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch
*Lion Zion 5.10c  sport, 14 bolts, 1 pitch
Morning Sky 5.10c sport, 9 bolts, 1 pitch

Zebra Direct
5.11a  sport, 4 bolts, 1 pitch
Zebra Seam 5.11d  sport. 8 bolts, 1 pitch
CAT Scan 5.11d  sport, 18 bolts, 1 pitch

Choss in America 5.12  sport, 13 bolts, 1 pitch

The Peanut:

Hop on Pop  
sport, 7 bolts, 1 pitch
Peanut Brittle  
sport, 6 bolts, 1 pitch

Pop Goes the Nubbin 5.10a  sport, 7 bolts, 1 pitch

The Fourth Horseman:
Friday’s Jinx 
 R  trad, gear to 2 inches, 2 pitches

Pack Animal R  trad, gear to 2.5 inches, 1 pitch

Snuffy Smith  sport, 1 pitch, 80′

Crack of Infinity  
5.10b  trad, gear to 3 inches, 3 pitches
*Pack Animal Direct 5.10b  trad, gear to 1 inch, 1 pitch
*Calamity Jam 5.10c  trad, gear to 2 inches, 1 pitch
Taiwan On 5.10c  sport, 6 bolts, 1 pitch
Wielded Tuff  5.10c  TR, 1 pitch
Headless Horseman 5.10d  sport, 9 bolts, 1 pitch

John Galt Line 5.11b  sport, 10 bolts, 1 pitch

Catastrophic Crack 5.12a  R  trad, gear to 2 inches, 1 pitch

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