Red Wall Area

The dramatic 300 foot reddish-purple wall rising above the Misery Ridge Trail represents yet another type of rock in the park.

The Red Wall Climbing Area at Smith Rock State Park

Rich in iron ore, the imposing Red Wall formation is a bit different than the normal welded tuff you see throughout.

After crossing the bridge, look straight up and to the right for the Misery Ridge Trail. Go about .25 miles and cut up on the marked trail to the base of the wall.

A draw for its short approach and afternoon shade on hot days, the solid, well-featured climbs won’t disappoint. A fixed anchor above Super Slab lets you quickly descend with two double-rope rappels, but you can skip that altogether by just joining back up with the Misery Ridge Trail.

The Red Wall area incorporates not only the Red Wall, but Red Ryder Buttress and Easy’s Playhouse. Most of the range is from 5.6 to 5.10 b, but a few 5.11 and 5.12s are there to push the harder climber.

Here’s a few in the area to check out: (All are rated 3 star in Alan Watts’ Guidebook, with * noting a 4 star)

Moscow  trad, gear to 3.5 inches, 4 pitches
*Super Slab  trad, gear to 2.5 inches, 3 pitches

A Stroke of Brilliance  sport, 8 bolts, 1 pitch
Amphetamine Grip
 R  trad, gear to 2 inches, 3 pitches

Panama Red
R  mixed to 2.5 inches, 1 pitch

Chouinard’s Crack  trad, gear to 2 inches, 1 pitch
Peking  trad, gear to 2.5 inches, 3 pitches

Finger Puppet 5.10a  sport, 3 bolts, 1 pitch
Breakdown in Paradise 5.10b  sport, 6 bolts, 1 pitch
Helter Direct Finish 5.10b  sport, 6 bolts, 1 pitch
Let’s Face It 5.10b  sport. 6 bolts, 1 pitch
Titanium Jag 5.10b R  mixed to 2 inches, 3 pitches
Jag Connection
5.10c  sport, mixed to 2 inches, 2 pitches
Orgasmorgoria 5.10c  sport, 14 bolts, 2 pitches
Phantasmagoria 5.10c  sport, 9 bolts, 1 pitch
*Bay of Pigs 5.10d  sport, 13 bolts, 2 pitches
Fingers of Fate 5.10d  mixed to 2 inches, 2 pitches
Straight Outta’ Peking
5.10d  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch

Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book 5.11a  trad, gear to 1 inch, 2 pitches
Ride The Lightning  5.11b  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch
Sole Survivor 5.11b  sport, 8 bolts, 1 pitch
*Gulag Archipelago 5.11d  sport, 14 bolts, 4 pitches

Red Ryder Buttress:
Desperately Seeking Shade  mixed to 1.5 inches, 1 pitch

Flex  trad, gear to .75 inches, 1 pitch

I Almost Died 5.11a  trad, gear to 2.5 inches, 1 pitch

Easy’s Playhouse:

*Boys in the Hood 5.11d  sport, 14 bolts, 1  pitch

Big Boss Man 5.12a  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch
Straight Outta Madras 5.12c  sport, 4 bolts, 1 pitch
Adam Splitter 5.12c  TR, 1 pitch
Bugging Out 5.12d  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch


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