West Side Crags

Not put off by a longer approach? Escape the crowds and mid-day sun of The Dihedrals with these options to get to the West Side Crags.

climber on West Side Crags at Smith Rock State ParkYou can hump it up and over Asterisk Pass, come down the Misery Ridge Trail, or go the long way around the Southern Tip on the River Trail.

To go over Asterisk Pass take a left at the bridge along the River Trail for just over .25 miles.

Then head up just past Christian Brothers for an 80′ elevation gain rock scramble. Rope use is recommended to get over the pass.

climber on West Side Crags at Smith Rock State Park
Spread over .5 miles, many different rock walls make up the area.

Some include such notables such as Spiderman Buttress, the 350 foot Mesa Verde Wall, and the short, but fun climbs of the Pleasure Palace.

Good for you and your independent spirit to take the road less traveled.


Have fun on these and others you find to your liking:
(All are rated 3 star in Alan Watts’ Guidebook, with * noting a 4 star)

Snake Rock:
Iguanas on Elm Street 5.10c  sport, 6 bolts, 1 pitch
Hemp Liberation 5.10d  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch

Lords of Karma 5.12c  sport, 13 bolts, 1 pitch
Made in the Shade
5.12c  sport, 4 bolts, 1 pitch
*Split Image
5.12d  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch

Angel Flight Crags:
Follies of Youth Block:
Youthful Indiscretion (aka Wisdom of Age)  sport, 3 bolts, 1 pitch

Spiderman Buttress:

In Harm’s Way  mixed to 2 inches, 2 pitches
*Spiderman  trad, gear to 3 inches, 2 pitches
Spiderman Variation  trad, gear to 3 inches, 2 pitches
Squashed Spider  sport, 7 bolts, 1 pitch

Out of Harm’s Way  mixed to 1.5 inches, 1 pitch

Doctor Doom  trad, gear to 6 inches, 2 pitches
Widow Maker
 R  trad, gear to 2 inches,  2 pitches

Explosive Energy Child 5.10d R  mixed to 1 inch, 2 pitches

Death Takes a Holiday 5.12a  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch

Mesa Verde Wall:

Western Chimney
R  trad, gear to 3 inches, 1 pitch

Sundown  trad, gear to 2 inches, 1 pitch

Cosmos 5.10a  sport, 7 bolts, 1 pitch
Tale of Two Shitties 5.10a  mixed to 2.5 inches, 3 pitches
*Trezlar 5.10a  trad, gear to 2.5 inches, 2 pitches
Down’s Syndrome 5.10a R  mixed to 2 inches, 1 pitch
*Screaming Yellow Zonkers 5.10b  sport, 9 bolts, 1 pitch
Planet Luxury 5.10c  sport, 11 bolts, 1 pitch
*Moons of Pluto 5.10d  sport, 9 bolts, 1 pitch

Bad Moon Rising 5.11a  sport, 11 bolts, 1 pitch
Cows in Agony 5.11a  sport, 6 bolts, 1 pitch
Desolation Row 5.11a  mixed to 2.5 inches, 2 pitches
Reason to Be 5.11a  sport, 4 bolts, 1 pitch
Minas Morgul 5.11d  mixed to 2.5 inches, 1 pitch

Shadow of Doubt
5.12a  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch
Juniper Face 5.12b  sport, 7 bolts, 1 pitch

Long Time Gone 5.13a  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch

Pleasure Palace:

Xanadu 5.10a  sport, 6 bolts, 1 pitch
Red Scare 5.10b sport, 7 bolts, 1 pitch
Aggro Bumbly 5.10d  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch

Bop Til You Drop 5.11a  sport, 5 bolts, 1 pitch

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