2.8 Mile Self-Guided Hiking Tour #5

hiking woman cairn at Smith Rock State Parkmost difficult iconTour #5:  (2.8 mile out and back)
Steep scree down, easy flat, more difficult climb, downhill scree, flat back.

Down the steep scree Chute Trail, cross the bridge, right on the flat Wolf Tree Trail, up then down the steep scree Burma Road Trail, back on Wolf Tree Trail. (2.8 miles round trip to the Welcome Center)

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Self-Guided Tour #5 Elevation Graph for Smith Rock State Park
Self-Guided Tour #5 Elevation Graph

A third way to go after crossing the bridge is to make the Burma Road summit your turnaround spot to go back the way you came.

From the Welcome Center, go to the Overlook and descend the paved trail, then bear to the right to go down the short, but steep scree Chute Trail.

Alternate route down:  take the left fork down the more gradual gravel Canyon Trail and follow it around until it meets at the bottom of the Chute Trail, adding 500 more feet to your trip.

After crossing the bridge, take a right along the river on to the easy  Wolf Tree Trail, connecting at the junction to the uphill climb of the steep Burma Road Trail.

Turnaround at the top of the road summit and descend back down the scree road to the Wolf Tree Trail and once again to the bridge.

Then it’s just the final push back up either the Canyon or the Chute Trail to the Overlook and back to the Welcome Center.

Wolf Tree Trail/Burma Road First Junction Option:
Go right from the Wolf Tree Trail on the BLM trail toward the Student Wall. Continue along the ridge for great views of the river gorge rock walls, boulder fields and thundering river below.

Wolf Tree Trail/Burma Road Second Junction Option:
Go left from the Wolf Tree Trail on the Burma Road and go right toward the rock formations called The Marsupials by the climbing areas of Koala Rock and Brogan Spire.

Burma Road Summit Options:
Go left
down the Summit Trail,  the reverse of Tour 2 for a total of 6.39 miles back to the bridge.

Go right across the Gray Butte Trail for another 4.75 miles on the Shuttle option of Tour 4.



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