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Horses and their riders alike will love to gently horseback ride along the scenic river stretches of Smith Rock State Park.

horseback ride in the Monument Area at Smith Rock State ParkAreas of the Canyon, River, Wolf Tree and Homestead trails where horses are permitted cover a large section of the park.

Towering rock spires provide the backdrop to the Crooked River as it carves its way through the canyons.

Join up to the Burma Road Trail and you get great views of the park from across the river gorge.

Early morning is best to set out on the trails in the park as you’ll need to share them with trail runners, hikers with dogs, and mountain bikers too.

And while they all must yield to horses, the narrow pathways, especially on the hillsides, can be challenging to do so.

Colt in the sunlight for smithrock.comTo help minimize encounters in the more congested areas, the park has restricted horseback riding in sections on both the River and Wolf Tree trails.
horse ford sign on Canyon Trail at Smith Rock State Park


Access to both of these is allowed at horse fords.

One is south of the Phoenix Buttress area toward the Southern Tip on the River Trail.

The other is east on the Wolf Tree Trail south of the Monument Area.

There are a couple of options to park your trailer and go down into the park to horseback ride:

RV Parking Lot to Canyon Trail
Turnaround Day Use Parking Lot to Homestead Trail

And the option to start from BLM land and ride into the park:

Skull Hollow Campground to BLM Trails
Cyrus Horse Camp to BLM Trails

Want to explore more horseback riding opportunities throughout the state? Check out their brochure.


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