RV Parking Lot to Canyon Trail

The RV Parking Lot is one of the options to park your horse trailer to go down into the park to ride.

Horse prints for smithrock.comUse it to connect to the Canyon Trail for a nice 3 mile ride up to the end and back.

Drive past the Bivouac Campground on NE Crooked River Drive to the next parking area and unload.

Then mount up and continue down the road past the Welcome Center.

Make a left down a gravel path to the Overlook that takes you down the Canyon Trail.

Canyon Trail in Smith Rock State Park along river into dense areaFrom there you can stay on this side of the river.

The trail climbs steadily for 1.5 miles. Go back the way you came once you get to the road exit for the 3 mile ride total.

NOTE:  The intersection around NE 17th Street and NE Wilcox Avenue is another way to get into the park, however parking is extremely limited.


River Trail at Smith Rock State Park view of Monkey FaceWant to cross the river and add some miles of exploration?

Cross at the horse ford on the way back and connect to the River Trail.

It winds around the Southern Tip and on the back side of Asterisk Pass for another 1.5 miles to where it connects to the Summit Trail.

You’ll need to turn around at that point.

Both connectors, the Summit and Mesa Verde trails are not open to horseback riding.

Don’t be too disappointed though. With incredible up-close views of the park icon, Monkey Face and islands in the streams of the Crooked River, you’ll get what you came for.


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