Turnaround Parking Lot to Homestead Trail

The Turnaround Parking Lot is another one of the options to park your horse trailer to go down into the park to ride.

Use it to connect to the Homestead Trail for a nice 3 mile ride up to the end and back.

Drive down NE Crooked River Drive past the park entrance sign and Welcome Center all the way to the cul-de-sac turnaround parking area.

Homestead Trail at Smith Rock State Park steep scree upFrom there you can directly access the Homestead Trail and ride along for .08 miles before descending the steep scree trail along switchbacks into the park for .24 miles.

From there you can check out the unidentified trail loop for another .25 miles.

Then make a left at the horse ford.

Follow the river for .5 miles to the bridge area and double back for a total of just over 3 miles.

Want to cross the river and add some miles of exploration?

Option 1: To the Burma Road Summit  5.25 miles round trip
Cross at the horse ford on the way back and connect to the Wolf Tree Trail, staying on this flat trail for .37 miles until it reaches the Burma Road Trail junction.

Views of the Monument Area spires and ponderosas lining the river trail are just some of the sights you’ll encounter.

Go left up the steep .16 miles of scree trail until it joins the irrigation service road, continuing up for another .89 steep miles until you reach the 3600′ summit.

The views are incredible from there, and there’s a few shady areas to rest up in before beginning your way back for a total of just over 5.25 miles round trip.

Option 2: Continue on BLM land on Gray Butte to Cole Trail Junction
At the top of the Burma Road Trail summit in Option 1, continue straight on the Gray Butte Trail until it meets the Cole Trail and ends at the Skull Hollow trailhead for an additional 2 miles.

You can of course take off in other directions on BLM land. Here’s a map to check out your options.


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