Back in 1987 Adam Grosowsky strung a tight-wire between the Springboard and the mouth of Monkey Face and went across without a belay.

Now the itch has spread to check out the scenery of Smith Rock from slacklines anchored between spires all over the park. With over 20+ lines and counting, the itch is just getting scratched.

Slackline fun on Monkey Face Highline at Smith Rock State Park

Highline Festival rigging at Monkey Face at Smith Rock State ParkLooking to connect with others before you get here? Post on the Forum.

Also, check out the videos of the Highline Festival.  Each year it has has brought throngs to the Bivy to plan lines together to entertain the birds that fly below.

While we offer more the lowline and yoga balance equipment in our Shop, we salute the local guys at Slackline Technology.

Their pioneer routes here at Smith led to the production of top-notch gear for the sport.

As of February, 27, 2016, there are some new temporary rules in effect as the park moves toward a new Master Plan this spring.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

1. Temporary moratorium on new lines as of 2-27-16 (as impact studies continue)

2. Tensioned lines must be attended. (safety issue primarily)

3. No lines left up overnight. After 24 hours lines will be considered abandoned equipment. Gear may be cached overnight. (raptor protection, existing rule, safety concerns)

4. No slacklines in picnic or camping areas. (public safety, existing rule, and exclusion issue)

5. No lines over designated trails or the river. (the river corridor is a critical pathway for wildlife)

6. Trees must be properly padded. (see national park standards)

7. Some areas may be closed to highlining during the raptor nesting season.

Oh, and please observe the special dog leash rules.


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