Established Highlines

Established highlines at Smith are a bit elusive. We’re working with a team to bring the latest info on currently bolted ones for you.

Monkey Line One of Established Highlines at Smith Rock State Park

In the meantime, here are the ones we know of with maps and pictures to come:

Smith Rock Group:
The Gift- 70′
King’s Mistress- 170′
King Line- 200′

The West Side Crags:
Peekaboo Jefferson- 115′ (back of Christian Brothers)
Windy Daze- 110′ (back of Christian Brothers)
The Flying Zafu- 130′ (back of Mesa Verde Wall)

Asterisk Pass-NOT ALLOWED

Morning Glory Wall:
Earn Your Stripes- 40′ (top of Fourth Horseman)

Ships and Gullies:
Blue Dream- 215′ (Cocaine Gully)
Cold Turkey- 170′ (Cocaine Gully)
New Aggro Line- 150′ (Aggro Gully)

Monkey Face Area:
Monkey Line (1)- 35′
Monkey Line (2)- 135′

Picnic Lunch Wall:
TNT- 100′
Wizard Hats- 38′
Morol Talks- 105′

Red Wall Established Highline Where Swallows Fly
“Where Swallows Fly”

Red Wall:
Free Your Mind- 98′
Dogfight- 70′
Where Swallows Fly- 140′

The Monument Area:
Temple of the Winds- 230′ (top of the Monument)
Jason’s New Line- 220′ (top of Staender Ridge)
New Beginnings- 100′  (top of the Dinosaur)

The Marsupials Area:
Advanced Meditation- 140′ (top of Brogan Spire)


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