Homestead Trail Run Extension

most difficult iconHomestead Trail Run Extension to Summit Loop:
8.32 miles to the Welcome Center

Another option after running the Summit Loop to exit the park is to add on the Homestead Trail and come out of the park at the Northern Point.

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Homestead Trail Run Extension of Summit Loop Elevation Graph for Smith Rock State Park
Homestead Trail Run Extension of Summit Loop Elevation Graph

Homestead Trail at Smith Rock State Park river portionAfter coming back across the bridge from the Summit Loop, look to the left just past the picnic table for a break in the fence line.

Get on the Homestead Trail to follow it along the river to the horse ford.

Keep going on the unidentified trail for another .25 miles as it makes its way back to the Homestead Trail.

Homestead Trail at Smith Rock State Park steep scree up


Then head up the switchbacks of a steep scree trail for a 280 foot elevation gain.

You come out at the top of the Northern Point basalt rim that you should stop and check out at the turnaround parking area.

Great views of the Monument Area with its giant golden eagle nests can be seen directly from the Point.

Walk to the rim to glimpse the sheer drop-off into the Gorge area below. The view down from the disconnected columns is mind-blowing.

From there simply run along the road back for .5 miles to the Welcome Center, or wherever you parked.


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