Rim Rock Trail Run Extension

more difficult iconRim Rock Trail Run Extension to Summit Loop:
miles to the Welcome Center

Not quite ready to leave the park after the Summit Loop Run? Want to add another view from above as you head back to the car? The Rim Rock Trail Run Extension is perfect for a quick new look of the canyon and rock walls.

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Rim Rock Trail Run Extension of Summit Trail Loop Elevation Graph for Smith Rock State Park
Rim Rock Trail Run Extension of Summit Trail Loop Elevation Graph

After completing the Summit Loop, instead of going up the Chute Trail to go back to the Overlook, go right at the junction toward Rope-de-Dope on the Canyon Trail.

Rope-de-Dope Trail at Smith Rock State Park stairs beyond the climbing areaAt the junction head up the Rope-de-Dope Trail toward the big climbing block by the same name.

Continue up a set of wooden stairs that go behind the rock.

Stay on the steep scree trail as it makes its way toward the Bivy campground.

Rim Rock trail viewpoint benches at Smith Rock State Park
Hang a sharp left at the junction to connect to the Rim Rock Trail.

A flat gravel trail, it offers spectacular views and solace from various viewpoints.

Follow it for around the rim as it takes you back to the Welcome Center.




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