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You're staring at the all the trails on the park map and remain confused. Let us help.

Start with the level of difficulty and synopsis of all trails below. Then link to the trail that intrigues you.

Each of the trail pages has a detailed description of the level of difficulty, type of terrain, and key park areas and icons along the way.

To get a preview of what you'll experience, or show your friends what you did when you get back home take a virtual tour. Want to check out all the tours in one place? Go here.

Park trails before crossing the bridge:

By not crossing the bridge you opt for the road less traveled. While the weekend warriors are testing their resolve on the Misery Ridge Trail, you explore quieter areas of the park.

Lunch among the boulders by the banks of the gorge as the river rushes by just off the Homestead Trail.Then head up one of its many fingers to take in great views.

During nesting season, you can see golden eagles in the Monument area and climbers on the Marsupials from the Northern Point.

Park trails across the bridge:

The trails once you cross the bridge give you close-up access to some of the popular climbing areas of the park, as well as spectacular views from below and above Monkey Face and The Monument.

Need a park brochure to get an overview? Here you go.

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