Chute Trail

The Chute Trail is affectionately known by some as “The Grunt.”

most difficult iconChute Trail at Smith Rock State Park rocky terrainAt the end of a long day in the park, the arduous 500 foot final push back up to the parking area can make anybody grunt.

It can also be a bit intimidating if you’re not used to walking down scree.

Yes, it is the more challenging of the two options from the Overlook to get down to the river and to connect to the trail system.

Chute Trail to the bridge at Smith Rock State Park

With a guard rail in some areas, and places to pull over and rest on your way back up, just go at your pace.

Even when you see climbers with sandals and big packs run by.

They do this all the time, and have got the balance thing down.

Not feeling too spry in the knees anymore? Try some trekking poles to distribute the load.

There’s of course always the option to stay on the gravel road of the Canyon Trail.


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