Rope-de-Dope Trail

The .5 mile Rope-de-Dope Trail gets its name from the Rope-de-Dope climbing area.

more difficult iconclimbers on the Rope-de-Dope Trail at Smith Rock State ParkA popular connector to other trails in the system, climbers take it from The Bivy campground to get into the park.Great views of the river gorge below are around each turn.

A combination of scree trail and wooden steps lead down to the Rope-de-Dope climbing area.

Rope-de-Dope Trail at Smith Rock State Park stairs beyond the climbing area

You emerge from behind the giant rock block that bears its name.

Connecting to other trails? Pick up the Canyon Trail by going right to access other trails both on this side of the bridge and across.

Taking the Rim Rock Trail along the ridge?

Connect to the Rope-de-Dope Trail as another option to get down into the park.


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