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Due to the frequency of dog / pet related incidents at Smith Rock State Park, you are encouraged to closely follow posted rules and regulations relating to your pets.

As of March 1, 2003 NO PETS SHALL BE TIED TO ANY TREES, BELAY STATIONS, FENCES, ROCKS OR ANY OTHER OBJECT. Failure to do so will result in future restrictions on visitors bringing pets into the park, and result in the issuance of a citation to the owner / guardian of unleashed or unattended pets.

This above policy comes directly from Salem due to the growing number of dog related complaints in the park.

One of the largest impacts the policy will have is on people doing multi-pitch climbs. Climbers with an unattended leashed dog at the base of a route will be cited.

A "dog sitter" will be needed for climbers to play it safe. Dog Restrictions
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