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Lawson on Birds in a
Rut (5.7 R) How many routes
did you put up before you got the

Ryan: About five or six, I think. How many new
routes have you done?

Ryan: About 75 now. In what areas
are these new routes?

Ryan: Probably the majority are in
the Marsupials, but the only area
where I haven't put up routes are
the Red Wall, Monkey Face and

the Upper Gorge. I've hit every crag
but those. What is your
favorite area and route that you've
put up?

Ryan: The Marsupials is my favorite
area, and favorite favorite
hard -- like 5.11 -- route that I've put
up is probably Holier Than Thou
(5.11b) on the West Side Crags. It
starts off a ledge above Manic Nirvana.
That's a really good climb. Do you do Manic
Nirvana to get up to it?

Ryan: Well, yeah, a variation off it.
My favorite aid climb -- because
I've also done some aid climbing --
is a climb called Knuckledraggers Anonymous, up on Broken Spire
and left of the Great Roof; it's an
A3+ X. That's a pretty cool climb...
and my favorite moderate sport
climb is probably Lusty Lady,
which is up on the Mudpile, behind
Delirium Tremens. It's a full rope
length 5.8 and really nice. As far as when
you put up routes...I know that
there's been some controversy

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