Logo Road Kill, Mexican Food, 2 Finger Pockets Churning in the Wake
Rob Jenson going for a
pocket on Churning in
the Wake (5.13a).

offers very sustained climbing on
run-out terrain. Churning in the Wake
(13a) is another classic. The route
is popular for evening workouts due
to the nice 2 finger pockets and
sustained nature of the climbing,
with a crux right at the end.

The day is going by fast and we are
back at the Christian Brothers
enjoying the shade. Kimball decides
to work on Scarface (13d), and it's
not long that we are taking turns on
the King Swing, where jumping off a
nearby boulder with the rope through
the first slab bolt on Scarface yields
a gut wrenching, stomach dropping,
pendulum. The trick to starting the
swing is that the belayer jumps down

the hill and pulls you off. I'm up for
swing #2 and Kimball has now tied me
in to the back of my harness (around
the waist belt). It was scary the first
time, but now I couldn't even see
that I was tied in, whoo. The day was
almost over and we finished off with
some big whippers off the top of
Heinous Cling (12c) and some
delicious enchiladas at The Barn.

Story by Rob Jenson.

Photos by Shannon Normington

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