Logo Alan Watts Interview Smith Rock State Park in 1982
The Christian Brothers
in 1982.

I did have some wooden blocks put
up on the beams of my parent's
deck and I would do all sorts of
traverses and that kind of stuff. I
got that idea from Chris Jones who
had little blocks set up in his bed-
room back in Eugene; that was the
first time I had seen that. What are the most
significant changes that you've
noticed at Smith Rock since the

Alan: There are lots more people
climbing now. You can see the
impact of all the people that have
been coming there. Have you noticed
a significant physical impact on the
park and itself? Things like over-
crowding, more garbage or other

Alan: There's probably no more
garbage -- there might even be less
than there was back in the early '80's.
Things that I notice -- apart from the
direct climbing impact of all these
routes with bolts and chalk -- probably
the biggest change is that the base
of all the cliffs have changed so much.
It used to be vegetated right up to the
base of the wall and now there's this
whole big swath where the vegetation
is pretty much gone. Visually, that's
the biggest difference. It just seems

really well worn. I remember when
there was sagebrush below Moon-
shine Dihedral, for instance.
It was
all over. Below New Testament and Revelations, it used to be a grassy
hillside right up to the base of the
wall. I remember there was a sage-
brush right at the base of Revelations
that people would sometimes tie into
as a belay anchor.

So, that's changed a lot. But, for
the most part, the area as a whole
hasn't really changed much at all.

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