Ian Caldwell Mayor of Smith Rock

Meet the Mayor of Smith Rock

Ian Caldwell smiles sheepishly and shrugs when referred to as “The Mayor of Smith Rock.”

While he thinks “it’s cool” that such a lofty title has been bestowed on him, he quickly acknowledges the village that helps him help Smith. He goes on to say that every outdoor area needs a steward to step up and help lead conservation efforts to preserve them for the future of all.

IanCaldwellMayorofSmithRocktrailmaintenanceWe could take up pages to describe all the ways that Ian serves Smith Rock State Park.

From climbing route and trail restoration to rescue efforts, it seems that Ian clones are everywhere. 

We managed to track most of them down to tell us their stories in this video. Now you’ll be able to spot one next time and thank them in person.


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