Balds and Goldens are Outta Here

Thanks climbers for minding the seasonal nesting route closures and hikers for keeping noise to a minimum on the Canyon Trail.

golden eagle leaving Smith Rock State ParkSmith Rock raptors had an excellent year with the confirmed fledging of Bald and Golden eaglets.

The Peregrine Falcons got a late start but the chicks should be fledged by late July. We don’t have confirmation on the 1st Kiss Prairie Falcons fledging status.

Here’s the synopsis as of July 5, 2016:

  • The Golden Eagle closure has been lifted.
  • The Bivouac Bald Eagle closure has been lifted.

Smith Rock Provides Inspiration For These Plein Air Painters

On Friday, June 30, you may have seen some “plein air” painters set up at the Overlook at Smith Rock State Park. That’s the French phrase for “open air” painting enjoyed by many in the outdoors.

Plein Air Painters at Smith Rock Local Bend Artist, Cindy Briggs and her “Make Every Day A Painting” International Workshop partner, Theresa Goesling brought the group to Smith Rock, as part of a 3 part workshop from Bend to Sunriver Resort.

Plein Air Painters getting instruction at Smith Rock State ParkCindy and Theresa love bringing their students to the park.

“We enjoyed our Plein Air Watercolor Sketchbook Workshop at Smith Rock. As always it was spectacular. The pavilion offers shade and an amazing perspective of the stone cathedrals.”

Overflow Smith Rock Parking Almost Here: June 30 Update


“Opening the lot has been delayed till the 2nd weekend of July. We are waiting on safety and regulatory signage.”

Sorry everybody–here’s the background below from our June 11 post:

Anyone walking or driving to the Northern Point may have seen some activity at the Park Field Office, or the “Rex” field.

Originally scheduled to open in August, an overflow parking lot has been moved up to June 21. (As of June 30, the 2nd weekend in July.) Much to the relief of those of you parking up to 2 miles away on most weekends. With school due out any day now, the timing couldn’t have been better.

Up Close and Personal with George Lepp and the Bald Eagles of Smith Rock

George Lepp is serious about capturing bald eagles, photographically speaking.

Two years ago he spent 12 weeks and over 80 hours documenting a pair of bald eagles from hatching to fledging. After watching the 10-minute movie in the Welcome Center he made of the process, we wanted to learn more about George.

George Lepp photographing bald eagles at Smith Rock State ParkSome of his credits include Field Editor for Outdoor Photographer Magazine and a Canon “Explorer of Light,” which features the industry’s most influential photographers.

His images have appeared in some of the world’s most widely viewed venues and on the covers of many books and magazines too numerous to list here.

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