Construction Update 10/28


Temporary Access Trail
Delays likely if using the Temporary Access trail on Wednesday

The  contractors will be installing a drainage feature near the Overlook /Temporary trail on Wednesday. Best to use Rope-De-Dope or Homestead trails to access the canyon.

Smith Rock Bivy Sign

The Bivy pathways project starts in earnest Wednesday with heavy equipment working in the area.

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Construction Update 10/27


Tire tracks on service roadThe entire service road/canyon access trail will be closed through Wednesday of this week. The temporary access trail that joins the Chute trail down to the footbridge and the Homestead trail are the detour/alternate routes into the canyon.


Campground pathway construction starts today or Tuesday and will be ongoing for the next 2 to 3 weeks. One of the Bivy tent access pathways will remain open but expect delays.

Also note that the compost/mulch pile that will be used in the rehab area is putting off a not so pleasant odor mainly affecting the common/parking area.

Smith Rock State Park Bivy Common Area
Smith Rock State Park Bivy common/parking area
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Construction Update 10/24

Construction PostsThe upper part of the service road to the Chute Trail will be open to foot traffic this Saturday and Sunday, October 25th through 26th.

The remainder of the road will be closed from the Chute trail to where the Canyon Trail intersects the lower service road. This is due to the fresh clay/gravel mixture that has just been graded on the service road and is very wet from the rain on Thursday and Friday. This results in the “Gumbo Effect” where the clay like material cakes on everything.

Rope-De-Dope can be reached from the trail that descends from the rim by the bivy area.

Construction at Smith Rock State Park Could Create Closures

Portions of Smith Rock State Park will be undergoing a couple long awaited improvement projects during October and November. Construction will occur Monday-Friday 7 AM to 5 PM daily and it is possible the construction may affect your visit.

Bivy area trail before construction.

CANYON ACCESS TRAIL/ROAD REPAIRS: There will be limited closures for about 3 weeks over a 6 week period due to heavy equipment working on the trail/road. The project will improve drainage, safety, and ease of access to the canyon.

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