Prairie Falcons Nesting Again—Heads Up on Route Closures

Joining the bald and golden eagles, the prairie falcons are back to roost for the season. While this DOES NOT affect hiking trails, it does close down a few routes for climbers.

First Kiss Climbing Area Falcon Closure sign

Nesting area closures in the Picnic Lunch Wall and First Kiss areas that are in effect until June 30, 2017.

Smith Rock State Park is very lucky to have these birds choose the park as their safe breeding turf. It’s rare that they travel away from wetlands.

Picnic Lunch Wall routes above 100 feet and some in the First Kiss area are closed. Here is a quick reference map for the areas affected.

Prairie Falcon Closures Map
Prairie Falcon Closures Map—click to enlarge

DETAILS are found on the Seasonal Closures page that has additional information for the Monument Area closures due to golden eagle and Bivy area for bald eagle nesting.

Please respect these closures for the good of the falcons as well as your own.  Falcons will defend their nest aggressively. Be aware, be respectful, stay safe.

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