Rattlesnake on the Wolf Tree Trail at Smith Rock State Park

Rattlers are Out

June 17, 2015:  3 rattlesnakes on an hour’s hike.

Watch your step, your hand, all of it. We were out shooting pictures and barely saw these guys–they blended in so well.

One about 2.5 feet long coiled was under a rock by the top of the Student Wall, right by some anchors.

Rattlesnake at Student Wall at Smith Rock State Park




The second we came across along the left side of the Wolf Tree Trail halfway up the small hill toward the Burma Road junction just past the shale/talus slope.

Rattlesnake on wolf tree trail at Smith Rock


The third one was not seen, but was rattling away in the retaining wall across from the Chute Trail bathrooms. We called the park to move it away from the area.



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