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A Bit of Seasonal Flooding

Each year at this time the River Trail joins the river. That is, a part of it goes under water depending on the amount of snow melt and rainwater that hits the Crooked River. 

The park has posted signs where you might encounter some flooding near the southern junction of the Mesa Verde and River Trails. It fluctuates a lot at this time of year, so if you’re bored or want to go boating, you can watch the readings from the bridge gauge. Here you go.

Otherwise, click on the image below for a pdf of the affected area and be prepared for some soggy sneakers!

Storms Bring Flooding to Smith Rock

Heavy downpours with flooding have been the norm at the park for the past few days, coming all at once in buckets with lots of wind.

puddles on the River Trail Smith Rock State ParkWhile most of the trails dried out in-between storms from their sandy composition, in several sections high water took out the River Trail on the west side completely.

The so-called “beach” around the Southern Tip was flooded over the weekend for a 6-foot section and also before the trail splits to go up to the Mesa Verde Trail on the right.