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What’s Up With Those Highliners?

If you were at the park this past weekend you may have witnessed the unofficial Smith Rock Highline Festival.

Brian Mosbough on highline at Smith RockWhile still in its formative years, the festival started off in 2012, organized by Brian Mosbaugh.

A climber and slackliner, Brian set his sights on combining his love for heights and the rock spires to stringing highlines across the chasms below.

He and a small group of friends then wanted to share the Smith experience in a collective gathering of like-minded highliners.

Brian Mosbaugh at Unofficial Highline FestivalThe unofficial Smith Rock Highline Festival was born. Highlight videos and more of the original festival can be found here.

Temp Rules on Going High at Smith Rock

That’s GOING high, as in highlining.

The park staff has been meeting with federal and state wildlife biologists, local highlining community representatives, and public land use managers.

They’ve even reached out to the staff at Yosemite National Park to come up with the following temporary set of rules as of February 27, 2016 that impact highlining and slacklining.

Here you go:

1. Temporary moratorium on new lines as of 2-27-16 (as impact studies continue)

2. Tensioned lines must be attended. (safety issue primarily)