trail monitors at Smith Rock State Park

New Trail Monitors Help Tell the Traffic Story

The new trail monitors are pretty discreet at Smith Rock. Even knowing the general location of one of them still had us asking one of the rangers where it was.

That’s the plan. Don’t interfere with the visitors. Just record their comings and goings to help guide future resource management at the park.

park installing trail monitorsInstalled in various high traffic areas, Smith Rock State park staff hopes to learn what type of user and how many of each are using the trails.

Smith Rock trail monitors appCapable of measuring bike, horse, and human traffic, the data gets transmitted via sensors back to a website for analysis.

Here park ranger Josie Barnum explains how the system works.

The initial four trail monitors will stay for another year, and then two of them will travel to other parks. The remaining two will be left at Smith Rock and moved around the park as needed.


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