For the week of 2/18/2019:  

A brief snow dusting starts off a week of temps ranging from freezing to high 30s, with snow showers starting Tuesday night, back wednesday afternoon, and then back on both days of the weekend. No big accumulation though.

Monday starts snowy, then partly cloudy and 37°, then light winds and a low of 22°.
Tuesday clouds up a bit and warms up to 39°, then snows and cool at night with a low of 27°. Winds pick up to 10-15 mph.
Wednesday calls for PM snow showers and slightly cooler—37°, with snow again at night, with temps to 20°. Winds change to 5-10 mph at night.
Thursday stays cloudy and cooler to 32°, with winds back to 10-15 mph, clear and cold—9° at night.
Friday starts cloudy then sunny in the late afternoon. A high of 38°, staying cloudy at night with a low of 27°.

Saturday is back to snowy and then 38° by day and then 28° and snowing at night.
Sunday has occasional snow showers and a high of 37° and back to snowing and 25° at night.


This is early in the week's prediction, so check it closer to the weekend, as it tends to radically change within days of a forecast this time of year.

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