For the week of 10/14/2019:  

fair fall temps with a hint of summer low 70s on tuesday, cooling off by thursday to high 50s with some showery nights wednesday and Friday, ending with a wet weekend.

Monday starts off mostly sunny and warm at 62°, and stays mostly clear in the evening and cold—29°.
Tuesday turns to mostly cloudy and warmer— 71°, with cloudy skies in the evening and a balmy 41°.
Wednesday stays cloudy gets cooler to 66°, then turns to showers (40% chance) early in the evening and 36°.
Thursday turns back to partly cloudy and 57° for a high and stays partly cloudy at night and 37°.
Friday stays partly cloudy and inches down to 56°and then clouds up and showers (50% chance) into the evening and inches up to 40°.

Saturday is showery (50% chance) and 51° and stays showery (40%) and 37° in the evening, staying showery the next day (40%) and a bit warmer to 52° for a high on Sunday with showers early in the evening (40%) and a low of 40°.


This is early in the week's prediction, so check it closer to the weekend, as it tends to radically change within days of a forecast this time of year.

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