For the week of 6/17/2019:  

Ahh…Sunny, then mostly sunny, then sunny and cooler temps to enjoy some outside fun this week. Mid 80s to start, mid 70s then a dip to high 60s and back to mid 70s by week’s end. The weekend in the 70s and mostly sunny too.

Monday starts off sunny and warm— 85°, and mostly clear in the evening and 47°.
Tuesday is sunny with a high of 84°, and then clear in the evening and a bit cooler—46°.
Wednesday is sunny and cooler— 76° then mostly clear in the evening and 42°.
Thursday is back to mostly sunny and much cooler at 67° for a high and cool and mostly clear at night and 38°.
Friday bounces back to sunny and warmer to 74° and then mostly clear and warmer at night to 43°.

Saturday is mostly sunny and slightly warmer to 78° and cooler to 73° for a high on Sunday with a partly cloudy night and 45° on Saturday, then partly cloudy and 45°at night on Sunday.


This is early in the week's prediction, so check it closer to the weekend, as it tends to radically change within days of a forecast this time of year.

Want the latest on your outdoor activity conditions? Check out the detailed weather info with the NOAA forecast link.