Camping or not at The Bivy, the Bivy Bouldering Area is one of the most accessible and popular at Smith.

 Featuring the two overhanging cliff bands and small groups of fine boulders, each of the main areas has its own approach.

Here's a few to check out: (All picks are rated 3-star in Alan Watts’ Guidebook, with * noting a 4-star)

Bivy Wall
follow the gravel path from the showers and go left at the fork either along the top of the crag to your left or take a couple of switchbacks down to a tree bridge across a stream

  • Frizzell's Line V0+ R

  • Buckets of Rain V0 R

  • Ovaltine V1

  • *The Offset V2 R

  • To Be or Not to Bolt V3 R

The Gorilla Cliff
the most popular bouldering destination at Smith, this rock band is 200 feet below and upstream from the Bivy Wall

  • Revolution 9 V5

  • Nine Millimeter V6

  • *Fearless Fourteen V6 R

  • Fearless Variation V7

  • Five and Dime V7

  • Cliff Notes V8

  • *The Stöger Traverse V9

  • Friday the 13th V10

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