We've designed our display advertising to provide the optimal experience for our visitors.

That means we don't use tracking software that slows down page speed to a crawl and makes the visitor jump off the page before the content loads, including the display ads. This provides a more integrated experience for the viewer, who in turn can absorb the information of a needed product or service. Just like a magazine does, only with the ability to link directly to you.

Own a section of a page by duration rather than by pay-per-click. Choose from monthly, quarterly, and yearly rates, discounted for longer terms. Options range from 106 x 90 pixel logo page sponsorships to 503 x150 pixel banner ads. See the examples below.

Our rates are determined by visitation tiers. The more visitors to that page, the higher the tier, and the higher the rate. Then we offer discounts for longer durations

While high traffic pages may see more overall visitors, we feel the power of a website is to target the specific audience you seek. Want to speak to the casual hiker? We have easiest and suggested hikes just for them. Trying to reach the rock climbers that come here from all over the world? Go where they go.  

106 x 90 pixel page sponsorship ad


300 x 100 pixel banner ad


300 x 250 Pixel rectangle ad


503 x 150 pixel banner ad


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