More than a hundred boulders are scattered across the Marsupials Area on BLM land east of the park. We've listed some of the best.

Take the Wolf Tree Trail to where it meets the Burma Road Trail and goes to the right, skirting the uphill bank of the canal.

 (All the picks below are rated 3-star in Alan Watts’ Guidebook, with * noting a 4-star)

Delirium Boulders

Adit Boulder
approaching the Burma Road, 100 feet above the trail, it's the main boulder and slab at base of Staender Ridge

  • Adit Slab V0- 5.7

  • Adit Up V4

Ocean Boulder
leaving the Burma Road, take the trail that heads south, skirting the hillside above the canal--directly ahead as you turn the corner away from the canal is a rounded blob with two juniper trees close to the base

  • Barnacle Bill V5

Jones Boulder
continuing on the trail past Adams Pillar is the unmistakable and most visited boulder in the area--on hillside above are a many big stone chunks from large to small

  • Jonesing V0+

  • Alley Cat V4

  • Jonestown V7 R

Classic Rock
a squarish boulder directly above the Jones Boulder

  • The Wall V8

Classic Column
perfectly cleaved column above the Classic Rock

  • *Classic Column V1

Prow Rock
50 feet through a gap between two boulders past Big Fella

  • South Corner Overhang V3

Gem Boulder
distinct reddish pocketed, triangular boulder

  • Emerald Edge V3

  • Emerald Face V3

  • Gem Traverse V3

Delirium Block
go along the trail past Butt Cheek block, and just keep going past a massive rock not worth bouldering to Delirium Block, cut in two by a chimney

  • Yellow Brick Road V0- 5.7 R

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