7 bikes for 7 wonders update:  Smith Rock Bike Found


June 30, 2015

The Travel Oregon 7 Bikes for 7 Wonders Scavenger Hunt was over almost as soon as it begun. Rumors were swirling about it being found before the park was open, but then calmed by Ride Oregon... From the Comments section on Ride Oregon's site:

Posted by Parker on June 26th, 2015: "That is odd the bike was found at 6 AM when we were present at 5:00 AM when the bike’s picture was being taken and the winner said the bike was found at 3:30 AM. I guess now we are going to lie and cover up that the rules were broken?

Again, I am glad the winner wanted the bike. But that isn’t quite fair it was found before sunrise during closed park hours and now there is a cover up to lie about it.

Bummer. The scavenger hunt was a cool idea, but this has soured me toward Travel Oregon."

Posted by Ride Oregon Staff on June 26th, 2015 "Hi Parker! The bike was found at first light, when the park opens at dawn. We have to hide the bikes before this time to ensure they are hidden when the scavenger hunt begins. The 6:00 timestamp refers to when we updated this website to let folks know the bike had been found.

We’re sorry you were disappointed in the hunt today, and would encourage you to keep on the hunt for one of the remaining five bikes!"

Controversy aside, congrats to the winner, Jerad Harris, pictured above. Nice score Jerad!