7 Final Input Days on the Mazama Ranch Development Appeal

January 4, 2018

Yesterday the Mazama Ranch Foundation finished up their rebuttal to the appeal hearing mid-December on their proposed B&B/Campground directly across from Smith Rock State Park. What happened and what's next? 

Teresa Bright of the Mazama Foundation

Teresa Bright of the Mazama Foundation

The Deschutes County Board of Commissioners listened and asked questions for over an hour as Teresa Bright, Project Manager and other representatives for the Mazamas Foundation addressed the 16 point appeal made by the neighbor that shares a well and irrigation system with the proposed development.

Noise experts, traffic assessments and more prompted one commissioner to wonder if these predictive studies could accurately simulate reality. The Mazama's response? "No one can predict the future. Give us a chance.

Want to watch and hear the whole rebuttal? Go here and start at 41 minutes into the meeting.

Can one predict the future? That's something the Terrebonne Neighborhood Alliance thinks is possible. And the future they see is this case allowing for dense commercialization of rural property surrounding Smith Rock State Park. Especially in the case of precedent over setback waivers granted the development in MUA-10 zoning due to the small (1.9 acres) size of the property in relation to need of the development. Another concern is allowing two conditional use permits in this zoning (a B&B for maximum of 8 people; a campground) to be combined, such as allowing use of the B&B facilities by the campers. 

A final question from the board regarding any prior approvals on exceptions to setbacks was answered with a "no" from the County Community Development Center, and then summed up this way:

This is the board’s opportunity to ‘set the table’ on what the applicant needs to do to warrant an exception to setback regulations.
— Anthony Raguine, Senior Planner at Deschutes County Community Development Center
Anthony Raguine

Anthony Raguine

Yellow area represents those zoned for conditional use permits like the proposed Mazama Ranch 

Yellow area represents those zoned for conditional use permits like the proposed Mazama Ranch 

When does this all get decided? The end date appears to be February 22.

In the meantime, here's how the rest of the appeal process plays out:
By Jan. 10 5:00 PM:  Open record period for any new evidence and testimony to the written statement rebuttal presented Jan. 3
By Jan. 17 5:00 PM:  Direct rebuttal to the first 7 days (new evidence and testimony from Jan. 10 )
By Jan. 24 5:00 PM:  Applicant only (Mazama Foundation) final legal argument