Catch Smith Rock State Park Interpretative Naturalist David Vick One Last Time This Saturday

June 26, 2018

That's right. Interpretative Naturalist David Vick won't be around Smith Rock much longer doing the Geology and Raptor talks on weekends some of you may have enjoyed, or sharing with visitors pieces of his vast personal databank of knowledge of plants, animals, and geology. His last "Raptor Rap," where you can see the park's bald eagles through a powerful spotting scope and learn about all of the other raptor species that call the park home is this Saturday, June 30, David's official retirement date.

Over the years we've partnered up with David to record some of that knowledge, mainly in "takeaways" of some of the 5 Principles of visitor ethics for Smith Rock State Park.

Here he is on why you should leave plants and wildlife as you find them:

And why both you and the park gain from staying on designated trails:

That crust may look dead, but it's not...

And our favorite...

Thanks David for all you do and have done for the park! Enjoy your retirement.