Eagle Nesting Site Closures Update

February 7, 2016

Preemptive eagle nesting site closures for climbing and camping at Smith Rock State Park are in place as of February 7, 2016. Once the eagles have chosen their nest areas, we will post detailed maps as to which routes remain closed. See below for routes currently closed.

Normally the closure is February 1-August 1 for golden eagles in the Monument Area. The West Side Crags birds of prey nesting areas usually reopen by the end of June.

This is the latest update to include:

Golden Eagle at Smith Rock State Park

Golden Eagle at Smith Rock State Park

For those of you coming here from out of the area, please note these closures only affect a small number of all the routes in the park.

Climbing routes affected at this time include the ones listed below for Golden Eagle closures in the Monument Area detailed here.

Climbing routes, cliffs and gullies within 1100 feet of the nest are closed. Please refer to 2010 “Rock Climbing Smith Rock State Park” Guide Book by Alan Watts.

See pages 244-270. CLOSED routes are number 1-44, which includes Cajun Cliff, Victoria Tower, Little Three Fingered Jack, Puddy’s Tower, The Monument, Anglin’s Buttress and French Tent Rock.

Staender Ridge and Juniper Spire (The Product) remain OPEN at this time.

Main hiking trails in the Monument Area are still open.

Bivy Rim tent sites will also be closed for Bald Eagle nesting. Look for posted signage in the affected areas. The rest of the campground is open, only a few tent sites are closed along the rim.

Please observe the Bald Eagle Courtesy signs along the Canyon Trail.

Essentially in the sensitive areas marked, the park is asking the following:




Prairie Falcon closures on Spiderman Buttress, First Kiss, and Picnic Lunch Wall have been delayed until March.

In the meantime look for the posted climbing closure signs in The Monument Area and Bivy restricted campsites.

Also please follow the hiking courtesy guidelines along the Canyon Trail.

For more information please contact the Park Staff directly at 541-548-7501.