It's Fledge Time at the Smith Rock Bald Eagle Nest

June 6, 2019

Just after we joined the Bald Eaglets on Sunday for Happy Hour and watched them waiting on Mom and Dad for food, we saw them trying out their wings to join in the catch. Jeff Seaman of Bend followed up with subsequent daily visits and captured the moment for at least one of the pair. Thanks Jeff for sharing your amazing shots with the rest of us!

I spent this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings at my favorite Bald Eagles’ nest. Monday both eaglets were being fed in the nest. Tuesday morning there was just one lonesome eaglet in the nest. But, I could see a pair of wings stretching out on the back side (river side) of the nest.

I walked down the Rope de Dope Trail until I could see that side. That’s when I was able to see the fledgling flying. I was lucky enough to catch it on camera.

Wednesday back at the nest, there was one lonesome eaglet looking around for food and family. Flapping wings and becoming a bit airborne, I think it was about to figure this out. Unfortunately for me, it was time to go. Hope to get back there soon, as I’m hopeful that they are now both flying.  
— Jeff Seaman, Bend, Oregon