Smith Rock Makes an Impression, Actually 1300 of Them

March 22, 2016

Artist and rock climber Meg Kahnle has a dream of making a difference in the world, starting with Smith Rock State Park in Oregon. Meg sought to create a community-based piece to auction online and then donate the funds from the sale toward maintenance of the park she so dearly loves. interviewed her on the day she revealed her massive 4ft by 8ft triptych painting to an eager audience @Patagonia Bend.

120+ people submitted images through social media using the hashtag #ConnectWithSmithRock that formed a collage of 1300+ images ranging from the 1970’s to 2015.  These images then served as the base-layer of the painting.

It took 110+ hours over three months in the studio to put the painting together. You can learn more and see it all in just 3.5 minutes.


Go to the ConnectWithSmithRock Project to learn more, join in the bidding, and help support the park. The online auction closes on April 23. That then becomes the starting bid for the live auction at the Smith Rock Spring Thing on April 30.