Classical Music in the Wild Comes to Smith Rock

July 20, 2018

Hunter Noack is very attached—to his 9-foot Steinway grand piano that is. He hauls it on his performing platform to the middle of forests, fields, calderas and historical sites for classical music concerts. And now visitors to Smith Rock State Park get to experience "In a Landscape," (IAL) an outdoor concert series at the confluence of music, nature, and technology. 

Hunter pose .jpg

"this project brings together two things i love most: classical music and the great outdoors."

Hunter Noack

A native Oregonian, Hunter started IAL in 2016 to bring live classical music to public lands across Oregon and Southern Washington at low or no cost to the general public. This year Hunter will perform over twenty spectacular landscapes that showcase Pacific Northwest industry, history, and culture, from Cape Disappointment to the Sumpter Dredge, the Alvord Desert, to Lake County’s Summer Lake.

here at smith rock

september 5

6:30 to 8:00 PM

The technology piece of the concert is the transmission of the music via wireless headphones that allow audiences to wander and explore the landscape, while at the same time meeting the acoustical challenges of performing in the wild.

Hunter plans to set up piano platform just off of the "RV Parking lot" where listeners can hang out and watch the last of the day's rays go behind the rock walls across the river. They can also wander around on the Rim Rock Trail looking at the rocks, flora, and fauna of Smith Rock while they listen through special headsets.

Location of the Smith Rock performance.

Imagine yourself here on the night of September 5. Just one of the views you'll have.

Imagine yourself here on the night of September 5. Just one of the views you'll have.

Listening through headphones in the Alvord Desert to "In a Landscape" performance- click to enlarge

Hunter performs in the Columbia Gorge- click to enlarge

Tickets range from $0-$50, and proceeds from ticket sales will be used to increase IAL’s impact and further its reach by continuing to offer free or subsidized tickets to over 5000 residents in rural communities in 2018. By offering subsidized or free tickets to residents of each local community, IAL celebrates both classical music and the outdoors in experiences that are accessible to all, regardless of economic status, political affiliation, education or age. Over the last two IAL seasons, 34% of the audience had not attended an arts event in the last 12 months, and nearly 30% had never attended a classical music event.

Do a good thing for yourself and for others and reserve your spot now for September's concert!